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Message from the Registrar  


The office of the registrar at KSTVET acts as the nerve centre for the college performing a myriad of activities and duties. The registrar’s office is responsible for maintaining students’ registration and matriculation requirements at the college. This entails a number of different duties on a day to day basis, in addition to working with and typically supervising the other employees in the college.


The office of the registrar works with the HODs in various academic departments within the college to determine the educational course requirements for admission and graduation within each program. The registrar develops procedures to be used in the registration department, and ensures that those procedures are followed successfully. The office also helps to determine course requirements for students wishing to enter the different programmes in the college.


When a student has completed the course work, and requests to be allowed to graduate and receive his or her diploma/certificate, it is the responsibility of the college registrar to check the student's records and ensure that he or she has completed all of the requirements. This includes course requirements, college requirements, grades achieved, and monetary responsibilities.


The department through the examination office is also responsible for preparing transcripts and verifying matriculation after a student leaves the college.

In addition, the registrar’s office provides statistical data regarding student entry, enrolment and matriculation to the government and other educational boards like the KUCCPS, HELB etc.

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