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Background Information

Building & Civil Engineering Department was started in 1990 when the former Technical Education and Industrial Education Departments were merged and reorganized into various Engineering Departments namely: Mechanical Engineering, Electrical &  Electronics Engineering and Building & Civil Engineering.

Since inception, the Department has successfully produced a total 1072 graduands in form of Technical Trainers and middle level Technologists. The Technical Teachers are comfortably absorbed in TIVET Institutions, Public Secondary schools, Private Institutions and Youth Polytechnics in the republic. The technologists are absorbed in the Construction Engineering Industries.


The Department offers both regular and school based programmes which lead to Diploma Certificates. The certificates for all Technical Education Course are internal (KSTVET), while for Technological course are external (KNEC).



 "To be a centre of excellence in Technical Education and Technology in Construction Engineering"


"To produce quality Technical Trainers and Competent Technologists capable to adapt to Technological Changes in Construction Engineering Industry.


  • To equip trainees with relevant technical skills, knowledge, attitudes and values to enable them serve as professional Technical Trainers and Technologists in the construction Engineering Industry.
  • To produce Technical Trainers and Technologists to meet the market demand.
  • To develop research skills in both Technical Education and Technology.
  • To promote creativity and innovation in technology.




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