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The learning cycle is never complete until the learner is evaluated and graded. Evaluation forms a basis for:-


  • Assessing whether educational goals have been achieved.
  • Self-evaluation for both lecturer and student.
  • Improvement of the learning process and the learning environment.
  • Placement and progression for the learner.


Examinations Department coordinates formative (continuous) and summative (end of course) evaluation for all the academic departments at KSTVET



To be a Center of excellence in evaluation and certification


To foster a conducive environment for holistic evaluation and academic certification of students through fast, efficient and transparent provision of services

Strategic Objectives


  • To create a conducive environment for all students to achieve their learning outcomes.
  • To coordinate the timely and fair evaluation and certification of students within the  stipulated policy and procedure.
  • To provide adequate and efficient feedback to students on evaluation to enable them achieve their goals.


Mr. Humprey Wanjohi

Head of Department

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