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Background Information

The department is a fully fledged department with well trained learners.  The department was set to train instructors for all other training institutions except for the Teachers Service Commission (T.S.C).The department deals with Management Training in order to enable organizations to harness the full potential of their management teams.

 Instructor Training Programs


Training as stated elsewhere is an integral function of management.  Whatever the nature of the organization, there is always need for training of one kind or another.  The nature of an organization may be a large enterprise comprising of many employees.  In such cases training is institutionalized and structured as a training wing within the organization within such an organization, there will usually be a number of Instructors who will work under a training officer.  Other organizations are made of only a sizeable number of employees who do not warrant the establishment of a training wing.  In such situations, such organizations always take advantages of institutions and consultancies who offer training services.  Still there are other organizations, those whose core business is training.  These organizations have within their staff large numbers of personnel who require instructor training.

Specific areas

The type of trainees, the nature of their work and their working environment are important considerations in developing of instructions courses.  It’s of considerable importance in the aims of the programs that the instructors will handle often training.  The following specific areas as have been established to provide the required pedagogical skills for instructors.

  • Communication
  • Program development
  • Instructional psychology
  • Instructional technology (media)
  • Information Communication Technology (ICT)
  • Methods of instruction
  • Tests and measurements
  • Practice teaching

The department also conducts tailor made courses as required by individual organizations.  Pedagogical courses are offered throughout the year but starts in January, April and August.


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