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Income generating strategies


ES will coordinate the following services;

a)      Departmental training services

           The academic departments will offer market driven courses in order to increase student

          enrollment and diversify the courses already on offer.  The ES department has already

          requested the other departments to identify such courses.

b)      Hospitality services through the IM hotel facility

          The ES department has solicited for quotations from financiers to enable the completion

          of the facility the soonest possible.Upon completion, the facility will be able to generate

          income through accommodation, meals, conferencing and other hotel services.

          A concept paper for the funding model has also been developed by the department.

c)      Short need based courses

          The ES department has developed a short term need based courses. These are to be

          offered to the identified target participants.These courses will be offered throughout

          the year. A brochure will be produced on an annual basis to describe the target group,

          the content and schedule of such courses.

d)      Hiring of facilities

          The ES department will coordinate the hiring of the college facilities field/hall for

          weddings, meetings, conferences, parking, and for erection of bill boards. The ES

          department will develop a brochure to promote the facilities to the outside world.


e)      Consultancy services

          The ES department will carry out consultancies based on client’s Terms Of Reference. 

          The department will bid through expressing its interest in carrying out such

          consultancies.  The department will work closely with all KTTC staff in bidding for


 f)       Nursery school

          The ES department is to work closely with the nursery school administration to

          restructure the nursery school operations in order to attract more pupils and increase


 g)      Incubation centre

          The ES department has put a plan in place on how the incubation centre will be

          completed and become operational.  It is projected that the first incubatees will occupy

          the centre in January 2015.

 h)      Collaborations

          The ES department will coordinate the establishment of collaborations with other

          colleges and universities in offering our training services in order to widen our reach and

          access our services to a large clientele within and outside Kenya.

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