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Library Membership:


KSTVET Library as an academic Library exists primarily to serve KSTVET community which includes internal clients listed below: 

  • KSTVET Trainees/Students;

  • KSTVET Academic Staff (Trainers/Instructors/Facilitators); and
  • KSTVET Non-Academic Staff.




  • Access to KSTVET Library facilities is free to all the categories of internal users. 
  • Library fee for students/trainees is payable every term.
  • Privilege to access may not always be granted or can be withdrawn in case of misconduct. Library administration reserves the right of admission.
  • In attempt to reach out more users, and as a way of contributing to community social responsibility (CSR) efforts of the College, KSTVET Library services may also be extended at a fee to limited external users whenever possible who may utilize Library facility for research, life-long learning and leisure reading. 
  • Currently, privileges to all external users are withdrawn due to the effects of Covid-19 pandemic therefore the outreach program remains halted. Any inconvenience cause is highly regretted.


Borrowing of Library Materials:

Once registered, KSTVET trainees use their College IDs while members of staff are issued with a Library membership card. The card should be availed whenever a Library member wishes to use Library facilities and/or services. 

  • Only registered users with valid/activated borrower’s cards are allowed to borrow information materials from the Library. 


Loan Period:

KSTVET Library members are eligible to borrow books for use away from the Library for free as tabulated below: -

User Category

No. of Books

Loan Period

KSTVET Trainees (Students)

3 books

14 days; renewable once

KSTVET Trainers (Academic Staff)

8 books

28 days; renewable once

KSTVET Non-Teaching Staff

4 books

28 days; Not renewable 

All External Users


Use within the Library only


Conditions of Loans:

Information materials available for borrowing are only loaned to registered members of KSTVET Library on the strict understanding that:

  • All borrowed items are subject to scrutiny at the security checkpoint.
  • All categories of Library materials are borrowed using individual’s identity card and must be returned on time. 
  • These includes short-loan materials, periodicals, and research projects; and they must be returned on or before indicated due-date, or on demand from the Library staff.
  • Returning Library materials beyond the due-date or doing any injury/damage to Library items in any form constitutes a serious offense liable to disciplinary action.
  • To return borrowed books, hand it to the Library staff working at the service counters. There is also a ‘Book Shuttle or Drop-Box’ facility provided for safe and express returning of books when the Library is closed or as directed.
  • All books borrowed by students must be returned by the end of every term. 
  • All materials borrowed should be returned before a user goes on holiday; thus Library books are not to be taken home during holidays


Fines on Overdue Materials:

  • A fine/overdue charge determined from time to time is charged per day, per item on materials retained beyond the date due for return of general collection. 

  • Short-loan materials should be returned after three (3) hours. Overdue fine is charged per hour after the indicated return time, or after 10.00 A.M. the following working day for overnight loans.   


Payment of Fines

  • All fines MUST be paid to the College Cashier and the payee will be issued an official receipt to be presented to Library staff working at the Circulation Counter. 

  •  Until the fine is paid, the library privileges remain withdrawn.



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