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Borrowing of Library Materials:

Once registered, KSTVET trainees use their College IDs while members of staff are issued with a Library membership card. The card should be availed whenever a Library member wishes to use Library facilities and/or services. 

  • Only registered users with valid/activated borrower’s cards are allowed to borrow information materials from the Library. 


Loan Period:

KSTVET Library members are eligible to borrow books for use away from the Library for free as tabulated below: -

User Category

No. of Books

Loan Period

KSTVET Trainees (Students)

3 books

14 days; renewable once

KSTVET Trainers (Academic Staff)

8 books

28 days; renewable once

KSTVET Non-Teaching Staff

4 books

28 days; Not renewable 

All External Users


Use within the Library only


Conditions of Loans:

Information materials available for borrowing are only loaned to registered members of KSTVET Library on the strict understanding that:

  • All borrowed items are subject to scrutiny at the security checkpoint.
  • All categories of Library materials are borrowed using individual’s identity card and must be returned on time. 
  • These includes short-loan materials, periodicals, and research projects; and they must be returned on or before indicated due-date, or on demand from the Library staff.
  • Returning Library materials beyond the due-date or doing any injury/damage to Library items in any form constitutes a serious offense liable to disciplinary action.
  • To return borrowed books, hand it to the Library staff working at the service counters. There is also a ‘Book Shuttle or Drop-Box’ facility provided for safe and express returning of books when the Library is closed or as directed.
  • All books borrowed by students must be returned by the end of every term. 
  • All materials borrowed should be returned before a user goes on holiday; thus Library books are not to be taken home during holidays


Fines on Overdue Materials:

  • A fine/overdue charge determined from time to time is charged per day, per item on materials retained beyond the date due for return of general collection. 


Short-loan materials should be returned after three (3) hours. Overdue fine is charged per hour after the indicated

return time, or after 10.00 A.M. the following working day for overnight loans.    


Payment of Fines

  • All fines MUST be paid to the College Cashier and the payee will be issued an official receipt to be presented to Library staff working at the Circulation Counter. 


    Until the fine is paid, the library privileges remain withdrawn.


Library Rules and Regulations

To serve our clients better, the following general rules apply to regulate conduct of all Library users without exception: - 

  • It is a requirement that all users obtain individual library membership to access Library facilities and utilize Library services. 
  • Silence in the Library MUST be observed at all times.
  • Cell phones and any other electrical devices that are likely to cause disturbances to readers should be switched off or be muted within the Library.  Security personnel or Library staff has authority to confiscate gadgets with irritant noise if used within the Library. 
  • If a mobile phone rings within the Library, a fine of KSh. 50.00 will be charged on the spot. 
  • Persistent repeat of this offence may lead to suspension from use of Library facilities for not less than 14 days. 
  • Patrons personal luggage will be left at the baggage area or any other designated place in the Library at owner’s risk, and should be picked-up immediately when leaving the Library facility. 
  • A disc is obtained from Library security officer and surrendered when leaving the library. A fee of KSh. 300.00 will be charged in case the disc is lost or misplaced.  
  • Clients are advised NOT to leave their valuables. Readers are encouraged to visit the Library light.
  • The college shall not be held liable for loss or damage to personal items such as laptops, secondary storage devices, among others used in or left by patrons in the Library.
  • Patrons shall remove only three (3) books at a time from the shelves to the reading tables or study carrels. 
  • Library books used within the Library should be left on the tables (or placed in designated trolleys) and NOT re-shelved by users.
  • Stealing or attempting to steal Library property is a weighty punishable offense. 
  • Any act of damaging of Library resources is NOT allowed. This includes writing on, underlining, highlighting or tearing any Library property.
  • Notices, writing on the walls or furniture, publicity materials including campaign posters, graffiti among others are NOT allowed in any part of the Library building and facilities. 
  • Library users are informed that copyright law applies to Library materials and infringement of this through unauthorized photocopying or plagiarism is a criminal offence. (The Copyright Act, 2001 Section 26 applies). 
  • Controlled photocopying will be allowed for purposes of study and research only.
  • Library seats, study carrels or computers shall not be reserved for whatever reason.
  • Valid Student ID is required for students wishing to use computers at the ICT section (TVET Technology Hub). 
  • Library computers are not to be shared between users unless permission is granted by Library staff or authorized trainer. 
  • Orderliness and decorum must be maintained at all times.
  • Disabling of any computer device e.g. removing cables or disconnecting any gadget is not allowed. Each user will bear personal responsibility for the computer allocated.
  • ICT section (TVET Technology Hub) is meant for learning, research and creativity (e.g. Android App Development). 
  • Laptops are not allowed at the ICT section, and charging of personal gadgets such as cell phones is prohibited. 
  • Watching of pornographic and other prohibited sites is forbidden in the Library.
  • Chewing of gums, eating, drinking, smoking or any other behaviour which is a risk to information materials and/or nuisance to other clients in the Library is strictly prohibited. 
  • All Liquids such as ink, water, soda, juice, among others which may accidentally spill over and damage Library materials will NOT be allowed into the Library.
  • Dustbins provided should be used to dispose of litter in order to maintain cleanliness and orderliness in the Library.
  • Readers are required to behave courteously at all times while in Library. Good mannerisms and orderliness should be observed in the Library. 
  • All trainees must be decently dressed while visiting the Library and are expected to conduct themselves in due regard for other clients while in the Library. 
  • In case of misconduct or inappropriate behaviour, Library staff may withdraw Library facilities. Deputy Principal, Security Officers and/or Dean of Students may be notified for further action.
  • An alert or announcement will be made/sounded 15 minutes before Library closing time and all clients must vacate the Library.
  • In certain circumstances, users may also be required to vacate earlier than the normal closing time, e.g. to allow fumigation of library facilities.
  • All clients leaving the College on completion of their studies or otherwise, must clear with the college Librarian at the expiry of their membership. 
  • This involves returning all borrowed items from Library, surrendering borrower’s cards for staff members, replacing lost books and payment of overdue fines.
  • Librarian reserves the right to withdraw or refuse access to Library facilities from any client who disregards Library rules and regulations.
  • In any situation not covered by these rules, the college Librarian shall use best judgment based on the circumstances to resolve the matter and the decision shall be final. 
  • Library rules and regulations may be modified without notice. Such modifications shall be posted on the Library and students’ notice boards, or college website and any other forum of mass communication.


Library Services

Library service points are deliberately positioned in a convenient, customer-focused and learner-friendly environment. There are four major Library sections where services are offered as follows: 

  • Circulation and Readers’ Information Services:

    Comprises of: Lending, returning and renewing of books; Short-loan and Reserve services; Library orientation and guided tours; Membership registration; and Customer care services.

  • Serials and Reference Services: 

    This includes facilitated access to assorted publications for research such as journals, trade magazines, KNEC past-exam papers, and research projects. 

    It also includes Information retrieval training and Current Awareness Services.

  • Technical Processing Section: 

    All information materials received in the Library are processed by capturing bibliographic details - classification and cataloguing to facilitate easy identification, organization and retrieval of required information from the available collection.

  • ICT Services:

ICT section of the Library has been revamped and upgraded into TVET Technology Hub which was commissioned on February 28th, 2022 by Prof. George Magoha, former Cabinet Secretary, Ministry of Education. 

  • In this section, ICT services are offered with enhanced technology that can greatly expand opportunities for those willing to acquire digital skills for greater innovations such as Google developer program. 
  • ICT section is also ideal for conducting online research from various information-rich databases to access academic e-resources (including e-books and e-journals) through reliable internet and Wi-Fi hot-spots. 


Library Collection

  • KSTVET Library collection comprises a rich hybrid of print and non-print/ electronic information resources. These includes books, research reports, scholarly journals, trade magazines, government publications, and newspapers. 


  • There is a local database of assorted e-books for all the programs offered at KSTVET. 

  • Other e-resources comprise of Open Access (OA) content or subscribed resources from several publishers through Kenya Library and Information Services Consortium (KLISC).


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